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The Boom Rail Solutions product portfolio consists of sophisticated standard modules that support you in your maintenance task. The modules are tailored to the needs of a wide range of users and are adapted to individual operational processes.

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Modular structure of Boom's rail software

Software for rail companies

The Boom Rail Solutions have been developed specifically for the rail industry and in compliance with international norms and standards.
The goal of Boom Rail Solutions is to cover the entire life cycle of a rail vehicle with the whole set of modules. Therefore, we have created a seamless multidimensional continuity across all modules.

The advantage that results for you: You manage your assets in one solution. As a result, all data is available to you in one system, which increases transparency.

Keeping your assets in focus

We provide you with a 360° view on your vehicles 365 days a year.

Do you know the number of vehicles in your company and what condition each of them is in? Our software solution provides you with this and even more information.

With the so-called asset biography, the complete life cycle of an asset is displayed. It records and stores all the vehicle’s technical, logistical and commercial parameters, providing a 360-degree view of the vehicle and its components.

With the asset biography and the simultaneous seamless continuity of all our modules, we even go one step further and provide you with the tool to create a digital twin of your asset. By using our modules, all data required for a digital twin is stored chronologically and logically linked.

Are you interested in the Digital Twin? Learn more about it from us.

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No other company combines industry know-how and software know-how in the same way.

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365d/360° view of asset

We talk rail – and so do our Rail Solutions

Rail transport is becoming increasingly important, particularly because it is environmentally friendly and safe. Rail is therefore not without reason considered to be the crucial backbone for passenger and freight transport. Nevertheless, serious accidents sometimes occur in rail transport as well, due not only to human error but also to material defects. To ensure that the safety level on the railways remains the same or becomes even higher, regular maintenance of the equipment and training of the personnel are essential. Everyone involved must do their part, as this is the only way to ensure safe operation.


Data: The nuts and bolts of proper maintenance.

The condition of equipment is measured by data. However, it is important not only to store this data, but to work with it. The question shouldn’t be “Who owns the data?”, but rather “How can WE use the data to COLLECTIVELY ensure greater safety and innovation?”.

With our Boom Rail Solutions we create a bridge between manufacturer, operator, owner and workshop. The data generated over the entire life cycle of a vehicle converges in one place and creates benefits for all parties involved.

Standard Rail Solutions

The Boom Rail Solutions are modular in design and range
from workshop management to asset management, engineering and to parts of fleet management.

Rail Workshop

Rail Workshop

Increase the productivity of your core business with Rail Workshop. This software solution optimizes your workshop processes through comprehensive transparency and control, thus reducing the lead time per vehicle.

More about Rail Workshop
Rail Asset

Rail Asset

Avoid downtime and thus increase the availability of your vehicles. Take advantage of a complete lifecycle file that goes far beyond maintenance history for every asset in your company: Asset biographies make it possible.

More about Rail Asset

Wheelset Management

Ensure proper monitoring of rolling stock wheelsets, as well as optimal management and documentation of their maintenance throughout thev entire product life cycle. Wheelset management has been designed to support you in optimal demand planning at fleet level.

More about Wheelset Management
New possibilities through our standard software solutions

Rail Engineering

Centralize the management and administration of maintenance specifications and easily share them with asset managers and workshops.
In the same system you can receive maintenance reports from asset managers and workshops

More about Rail Engineering

Rail Operations

Ensure smooth operations in your company. By providing targeted information and involving your employees in the process flow, you not only optimize efficiency, but also ensure traceability.

More about Rail Operations

Rail software out of the box

The focus of the Boom Rail Solutions is on simplification, standardization and scalability. Our customers only purchase the modules they need for their business and only for those vehicles that are managed with Boom Rail Solutions.

Do you have special requirements that standard software cannot meet? Our experts will be glad to advise you and find the right solution together with you.

You can find more information on our page “Custom Solutions”.

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Thanks to Boom's complete solution, we are able to better control our processes and react more quickly when necessary.

Christoph Innerhofer
Technical Asset Management

Boom‘s standard solution completely maps the essential maintenance processes and can nevertheless be adapted to the individual needs of the companies.

Christiane Hirzer
Project Manager
CFL reference story

From planning to operative execution and complete documentation, everything will be controlled in future by the BMM.

Bettina Lamprecht
Marketing Manager
Innofreight Solutions GmbH

"Boom Rail Solutions are designed to ensure compliance with international standards and norms in the rail system while adapting to the company's internal processes."

Roman Bobik
Head of R&D
Üstra Reference Story

Since 2017 the workshop planning for the light rail vehicles of ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG is done by BMM. This local transport company constantly optimizes maintenance and thus creates more efficiency in rail transport.

Tanja Gosch
Head of Marketing & Product Management
Focus on
Head of Product Management
Railway-specific norms and standards: Simplification through digitalization
Post from 17. January 2023

In rail transport, the topic of safety is extremely wide-ranging and complex - this is primarily because the protection of life and limb, of passengers, residents and people involved in rail operations, as well as of resources such as vehicles and infrastructures, is paramount.

Post from 13. July 2022

The shortage of skilled workers has been a serious challenge for rail vehicle workshops for years. Workshops have the ambition to achieve the highest possible utilisation of capacity and at the same time ensure the highest possible level of quality in the work carried out on the rail vehicle. However, the lack of well-trained skilled workers makes it difficult to implement the ECM2 process specifications.

Skilled workers in the rail industry are in demand more than ever (part 1)
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The availability of skilled workers is a basic prerequisite for sustainable economic growth. However, skilled workers are very hard to find these days, as every industry is desperate for qualified specialists, including companies in the rail industry.