Engineering Management for rolling stock

A central function of the maintenance developer function is the further development of the maintenance system. In this context, data plays an essential role. The technical dossier, i.e. all vehicle-relevant technical data for owner, operator and workshop, is located in one file - centrally and digitally.

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Set of rules
for maintenance

The rail vehicle and its components in one file.

With our Boom Rail Solutions we ensure systematic and reproducible safety on rails. For this purpose, Rail Engineering maps the maintenance framework with all specifications for proper maintenance. After all, the administration of maintenance documents including configuration management based on design and operating data as well as performance and experience values is carried out in the software solution.

In the process, various context-related information on the asset (operating data, technical data, maintenance data, etc.) is linked logically and chronologically, enabling the continuous development of maintenance measures and their scheduling.

This powerful database enables you to reach the next evolutionary stage of modern maintenance development.

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ECM conformity

Rail Engineering fulfills the specified requirements for the role of maintenance development (ECM 2). With interfaces to ECM 3 and ECM 4, Boom Rail Solutions support the entire maintenance process for a rail vehicle and its components.

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Das Fahrzeug digital und zentral in einem File
Bindeglied zwischen Hersteller und Instandhalter

We create a bridge between the manufacturer and the maintenance provider

Gesamte Lebenszyklusakte auf einen Knopfdruck

The entire asset biography of vehicles and/or components is recorded digitally and centrally

Schadcodekatalog hinter jeder Komponente

The maintenance and development of damage code catalogs supports efficient maintenance

Technisches Dossier des Fahrzeuges

Rail Engineering maps the technical dossiers in conformity with TSI.


A complete database over the entire life cycle of an asset creates the precondition for innovation of the aftermarket.

Konformität mit Entity in Charge of Maintenance

Rail Engineering enables compliance with ECM specifications in a resource-saving manner.

Damage, cause analysis

We recommend the extension module Damage, Cause Analysis as a supplement to the Rail Engineering product.
It compares the current and past condition of your systems and automatically detects deviations in system behavior.

The aim is to diagnose the cause of the weak points and derive risk-reducing recommendations for action to prevent unexpected failures.

More about Damage, Cause Analysis

Functions of Rail Engineering

All technical data at a glance

Technical dossier

In addition to the maintenance history, the digital vehicle file also maps all the technical characteristics of the vehicle (technical dossier), including the safety-critical components.

One error, one damage code

Damage code catalog

The software solution offers users the option of creating a damage code catalog so that the cause of defects on the vehicle, or on a component, can be found as quickly as possible.

Hand over maintenance specifications together with the asset

Management of ECM2 process specifications

Process specifications are a core element and know-how carrier. In the software solution, these can be managed and versioned.
At the push of a button, you can forward the essential ECM specifications and maintenance manuals to the responsible departments for technical support of maintenance activities.

Checklist-based maintenance

Maintenance Manual

In the Rail Engineering module, maintenance instructions are mapped in the form of work processes, work plans, checklists and their interdependencies, including qualifications and tools.

Handling tests with Rail Engineering

Attempts, changes and modifications

The planning, initiation, execution and subsequent evaluation of technical tests on vehicle or component series are mapped in a structured manner in Rail Engineering. The test results are available as a data basis for subsequent modifications, roll cures, or redesigns and can be applied completely or partially at series level.

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