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Component-related cost tracking
Component-based cost tracking

By linking the duration of work activities, spare parts and stabling times, cost drivers of a vehicle can be identified at the component level.

Conformity with Entity in Charge of Maintenance
Precise order management for ECM compliance

From the automated transfer of order data across multiple levels of the ECM structure to accompanying the actual maintenance activity via mobile app - Rail Workshop fully digitizes your workshop.

Work instructions on mobile devices
Work instructions via smart device

The utilization of workshop resources must be dynamically adaptable to changing conditions. Regardless of whether there are delays in the delivery of spare parts or bottlenecks in work equipment - the service technicians are informed in real time on their smartphones about updates in the work planning.

Support for integrated quality management
Support for integrated quality management

Digital checklists, recording of wear data, and tracking of employee qualifications: All this is crucial for high-quality maintenance processes and becomes visible through Rail Workshop with just a few clicks.

Efficiency to full capacity
Cost savings due to full capacity utilization

In order to make potentials accessible, they first have to be made visible. Rail Workshop shows optimization potentials in workshop management and thus makes your workshop more efficient - more performance with less use of resources.

Unlimitierte Benutzeranzahl
No user-based licensing system

Regardless of whether you want to connect 5 or 5,000 users to Rail Workshop, the pricing is based only on the required functions and not on how many users the system connects. This gives you flexibility and cost security.

More than just planning software

The workshop software “Rail Workshop” is the result of years of experience and cooperation with various bodies of the ECM structure. The needs of asset managers and workshops in the rail transport sector have been considered in the development of this software solution. The result is an all-in-one software solution that is much more than a conventional planning system. The various functions have always been designed to facilitate existing processes and to open up new possibilities for you in workshop planning and order processing.

In 3 dimensions to optimized workshop processes

By means of Rail Workshop, workshop processes are not only digitalized, but significantly improved in the dimensions of transparency, speed & safety. The dashboards developed by our UX experts provide an overview of all relevant key figures with just 2-3 clicks. The utilization of resources, employees & test equipment, but also the work progress of current maintenance measures can be called up quickly.

The automated transmission of work orders to employees eliminates many – often manual – intermediate steps in the process management. Rail Workshop follows the framework of Lean Management and helps you to achieve lean workshop management.

In addition, both the archiving and transfer of data within the Boom systems are subject to the highest standards in the areas of Data Safety and Data Security. All data, especially those related to warranty and quality, are handled with special care.

In order to maximize customer value and ensure that all stakeholders are actually connected to the Boom solution, we at Boom have intentionally decided against a user-based licensing system. This means that whether you want to connect 5 or 5,000 users to your workshop solution, you can do so with just a few clicks thanks to full transparency and cost security.

Increased value added through streamlined, automated processes
We make it possible!

Efficient Workshop-Management
Mann mit Tablet in der Werkstatt

The solution for a modern workshop

A new acquisition that does not create a real improvement is not worth the effort. With this in mind, we at Boom have created a solution that will have a positive impact on your workshop processes immediately after implementation. In terms of the modern workshop, quality and resource efficiency are key performance indicators. Therefore, it is clear to us that we have to have a direct influence on the positive development of these factors for our customers with the workshop software.

In order to increase quality, valid quality data must first be collected. Documentation by means of smart devices and modern dashboards is made easy. Used test & work equipment, employees, downtime, working time, but also wear data and spare parts suppliers are directly linked to an order number. In addition, all work steps are documented and archived in detail. This means that, on the one hand, data can be collected quickly in the event of a warranty claim and, on the other hand, maintenance processes can be continuously optimized.

Resource efficiency can be increased in several dimensions with the help of Rail Workshop. Available resources as well as employees or workshop lanes can be quickly identified and dynamically optimized. In the long run, a spontaneous change in the workflow due to changing conditions can significantly reduce the average stabling times of the rolling stock.

Optimize workshop utilization

The key advantage of Boom applications is their ability to be customized to your needs. This means that existing ERP systems can be connected to the datalake of the Boom solutions. In addition, all industry standard interface requirements and formats can be met. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to linking the workshop with other areas of the company.

Great potential for improvement lies in linking vehicle management with the workshop. The more cross-domain data is linked and made available, the better optimization potential can be made visible by the system in an automated manner.

Resources such as tools, spare parts, personnel, etc. can be effortlessly assigned to jobs in the system.





This function supports the workshop manager in planning the orders. The tasks – including the specifications – are assigned to the technicians at the click of a button, enabling them to better schedule their work. The entire process thus gains in efficiency.

Rail Workshop also makes it possible to react quickly to order changes or unexpected events. Suppose there are delays in the delivery of spare parts or a sudden breakdown of a piece of equipment in the workshop, and a current work process cannot be completed properly for this reason. In such cases, flexibility is required to avoid additional costs and extended stabling times. In Rail Workshop, all available resources are visible at a glance and work processes can be dynamically planned and shifted forward. Employees on the store floor receive an update directly on their mobile device.

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Head of R&D: Roman Bobik
Roman Bobik
Head of R&D
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"When selecting software for our comprehensive digitalization project, it was crucial for us that the product closely aligns with a complete solution tailored to our industry-specific needs, while also ensuring maximum usability for our users. The solution provided by Boom Software is tailored to the railway industry, which is a significant advantage. Currently, we are in the implementation phase and are confident that Boom Software will prove to be the right choice."

Christoph Engel
Managing Director Railpool Lokservice & Co. KG
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