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Efficiency along the process chain
Resource efficiency

The complete software solution Rail Asset enables rail transport companies to make efficient use of limited and costly resources such as vehicles, workshop capacity or personnel.

Increase fleet availability

In freight as well as passenger transport, it is important to be able to react quickly to spontaneous changes concerning the operational process (staff absences, breakdowns, etc.). Boom's Rail Asset allows you to intervene in the operational process and workshop operations with just a few clicks.

Efficiency to full capacity
Accelerated process and operational control

Die digitale Prozesssteuerung beschleunigt Unternehmensprozesse sowie die Betriebssteuerung. Mit wenigen Klicks, automatisierten Auswertungen sowie Dokumentationen im Hintergrund können Prozesse bestmöglich optimiert werden.

Complete transparency about the condition of the vehicle

Operational processes and know-how are not tied to individual employees or departments, but are stored centrally. The ongoing reporting of the systems ensures transparency within the company and secures the exchange of knowledge between departments as well as with external partners.

Conformity with Entity in Charge of Maintenance
ECM conformity

End-to-end and compliant documentation enables ECM conformity and the operator is thus actively supported in meeting the ECM regulation.

Increase customer satisfaction
Higher service quality and customer satisfaction

The high level of interoperability and transparency, as well as the increase in efficiency in the operational process through Rail Asset, primarily increases the availability and reliability of the vehicle fleet. This benefits not only the RU, but above all the customer - whether in freight or passenger transport.

Efficient vehicle management

Railroad undertakings (RUs) have to offer the highest possible availability and reliability with minimum effort in terms of vehicles and personnel. However, this often poses major challenges for a rail transport company and results in high cost and competitive pressures.

A central software solution links personnel and fleet management – from requirements planning to provisioning – with maintenance management. This not only enables holistic control, but also consistent documentation of all processes.

The result is not only an accelerated and completely digitalized process, but also complete documentation and evaluation. In this way, not only is the ECM regulation and other standards supported, it also provides a valid database as a basis for operational and business decisions.

Thanks to the integrated workshop management, the entire system is mapped in the software, thus ensuring predictive maintenance of rail vehicles.

Reduced vehicle and personnel costs at maximum availability
Rail Asset provides the basis for modern and efficient rail operation

From big data to smart data
Digitalization Railway

Speed & efficiency

Due to the liberalization of the rail market in recent years and decades, rail transport companies are exposed to strong competitive pressure. As a result, there is great cost pressure in both freight and passenger transport. In addition to economic challenges, speed and efficiency are the most important factors in the transport and public transport industry!

Boom Software AG has set itself the task of making rail transport companies fit for the future through the digitalization of operational and business processes, as well as software solutions adapted to the customer. With Boom Rail Asset it is not only possible to work digitally without paper and to store all data and documents centrally. Above all, the acceleration and simplification of processes and workflows provides a decisive competitive advantage for rail transport companies.
With just 2 clicks, the entire vehicle biography is available, and thus all details can be viewed.

Use Case

In the transport and public transport industry, reliability, punctuality and the ability to react quickly to unforeseen events are what counts. The big challenge in the case of unforeseen events (breakdown, staff absences, …) is that it requires the interaction of all forces.
A rail vehicle is on its way abroad and has a technical defect that requires a prompt solution. Now the RU faces several problems. On the one hand, the company must send a replacement vehicle to complete the job and ensure customer satisfaction. At the same time, the defective rail vehicle must be taken to the workshop. For this purpose a certified workshop has to be found and the order has to be placed. Boom Rail Asset, as a complete software solution, can quickly react to changes in the operation and adapt the fleet management to the breakdown. The integrated workshop locator makes it possible to quickly find a suitable workshop if your own is not within reach.



If the company’s own workshop is nearby, the integrated maintenance and workshop management changes the priorities and places the corresponding orders.
In Boom Rail Asset, not only workshop management (Boom Rail Workshop) but also wheelset management is integrated. This is because it is an enormous advantage if operating data of the wheelset is available at any time. This also allows wear to be modeled and predicted in the best possible way. Indeed, this is relevant because the wheelset is a very sensitive component, but one that is of great importance to the rail vehicle. Integrated wheelset management not only enables predictive maintenance, but it is a crucial asset in demand planning. In this way, workshop visits are planned at an early stage and controlled in the fleet management, and the availability of the vehicles as well as the reliability of the RU are guaranteed.

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Robert Zeller
Product Manager
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“We can offer services far beyond the standard functions of regular maintenance software with our standard interfaces for various measurement systems as e.g. NextSense or Dr.Wehrhahn. Measurement values are automatically acquired and used for the evaluation of wear and defects.”

Product Manager: Natascha Man
Natascha Man
Product Manager Rail Solutions, Boom Software AG
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"With rail solutions and its function of mobile production data acquisition, nothing stands in the way of a complete digitalization of the maintenance of rail vehicles and their order processing. With Rail Solutions you are optimally prepared for the paperless age".

Bernhard Labenbacher
Bernhard Labenbacher
Senior Business Analyst & Senior IT Projektleiter, ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH
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“It is important for us to have a competent partner for the processing of international projects, a partner whose solutions can adapt flexibly and easily to the different frameworks and complexity levels of our customers’ projects. Boom has definitely become a qualified partner for our projects on account of this and the construction of software for multinational requirements such as multi-language support or the depiction of corporate structures.”

T-Systems: Manfred Bock
Manfred Bock
Global Industry Leader Rail, T-Systems International GmbH
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“Rail Solutions is optimized for our requirements and offers functions at all levels of our vehicle maintenance processes. Especially the functions in wheel-set management have supported us in building one of the most modern wheel-set reprocessing centers in Europe.”

Michael Fladenhofer
Prozess-Consulting, Rail Cargo Austria AG
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“The data collected by our measurement instruments are promptly available to our customers for analysis with the Calipri-Explorer, which we developed together with Boom Software.”

Clemens Gasser
Geschäftsführer, Nextsense GmbH
Innofreight Solutions GmbH

„The possibility of integrating various interfaces, such as to BMD systems, ensures smooth interaction between the applications, making Boom Rail Asset Management an even more comprehensive tool that significantly supports us in meeting ECM-compliant documentation requirements."

Quality Manager
Wolfgang Seidl
Quality Manager
Focus on
Project Manager: Katharina Moitzi
Next level wheelset management (part 2)
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Live data from wheelset operation significantly helps in choosing the right maintenance strategy and in demand planning.

Significant relief in the area of ECM with Boom Rail Solutions
Post from 25. October 2021

Innofreight Solutions GmbH develops customized, innovative wagons, containers, and unloading systems for rail transport companies. Around 2,000 InnoWagons and more than 15,000 containers are in use throughout Europe. Some of these are sold to customers, others are leased. However, compliance with the ECM regulation must be guaranteed in both cases.

With BOOM Rail Solutions to seamless, ECM-compliant documentation
Post from 19. May 2022

The new, modern locomotive workshop LOCMASTA in Gramatneusiedl received the ECM certificate for the maintenance delivery function ECM 4 on April 8, 2022 and is now about to be officially commissioned. In the interview, they revealed what challenges a "newcomer" has to face in the ECM certification process and how they master them through digitalization.