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Why do businesses opt more frequently for railway-specific software solutions for maintenance over ERP systems geared towards commercial purposes?

Post from 18. March 2024

In the railway industry, efficient maintenance is of crucial importance. Companies are increasingly relying on software solutions to conduct maintenance of rail vehicles, their components, track systems, and other infrastructure-related facilities more efficiently, effectively, and professionally. The decision of companies between railway-specific ERP systems and commercial ERP systems has increasingly leaned towards railway-specific maintenance solutions in recent years. This is due to the specific requirements of the railway sector, which demand solutions precisely tailored to the unique requirements and dynamics of the railway industry and offered in a particular standard.

Are commercial systems the right solution for me and my maintenance?

Commercial ERP systems are primarily designed to support general business processes such as finance and accounting, procurement, inventory management, and human resources. They are usually not specifically tailored to the complex requirements of maintaining rail vehicles or the railway operations and maintenance industry. Although some commercial ERP systems may offer modules or extensions for asset maintenance and management, they often lack the specific expertise and functionality for the intricate demands of the railway industry.

Therefore, companies operating in the railway industry often prefer specialized solutions or maintenance systems that are specifically tailored to their requirements and can provide comprehensive support for managing rail vehicles, tracks, and other associated facilities. These solutions not only offer higher functionality but are also typically more cost-effective compared to attempting to adapt existing commercial ERP systems to the specific processes of the railway industry.

Why railway-specific software is the smarter choice for you

You are faced with the challenge of finding the right solution for maintaining your rail vehicles or railway facilities and are unsure if a commercial ERP system is the right choice? We understand your concerns and recognize the complexity of this decision. In this context, we would like to present to you the key reasons why a railway-specific maintenance solution may be the best choice for your company. We provide compelling arguments that you can also present to your corporate or business management if they are pushing for the implementation of a commercial ERP system.

Industry-specific expertise

Companies specializing in railway-specific solutions bring a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of the railway industry. This specialized knowledge facilitates a better grasp of customer needs. Software providers focusing on the railway sector offer a significantly higher level of consultancy due to their precise understanding of the industry’s specific needs and processes. This contributes to smooth implementation and utilization of the solutions, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Adaptability to railway-specific requirements

Companies in the railway sector are subject to strict regulations and standards that must be adhered to in order to ensure operational safety and reliability. These railway-specific requirements are already integrated into standard solutions, making it easier for operators to comply with the required documentation and reporting standards. By using a railway-specific maintenance solution, companies can ensure that their operational processes comply with applicable regulations and that the safety and reliability of their facilities are ensured.

Cost savings through established standards

Railway-specific standard solutions rely on predefined standard processes and modules specifically tailored to the industry’s requirements, facilitating compliance with strict regulations and standards. Through increased standardization, customers incur lower acquisition costs compared to customizing a commercial ERP system to railway-specific processes or developing a bespoke solution. Railway-specific standard solutions are therefore not only the more cost-effective option; customers also do not need to compromise on quality or meeting industry requirements.

Standard interfaces to railway-specific systems

Providers of railway-specific maintenance solutions offer standardized interfaces to other railway-specific systems, whether they are software or hardware products. This seamless integration enables smooth information flow between different systems and significantly contributes to the efficiency of overall operational processes. Railway-specific systems thus provide higher value at lower costs, as they enable effective integration of various systems and enhance overall efficiency.

Relevance and lifecycle of the systems

Due to their industry proximity and expertise, providers of industry-specific standard solutions have a clear advantage in observing market changes as well as adjustments to standards and regulations. This closeness to the industry enables providers to react early to changes and adjust their solutions accordingly. In this way, companies can be assured that their systems are always up-to-date, comply with current standards, and thus positively influence the product lifecycle of the software solutions.


Boom: The unique differentiation among railway-specific software solutions


‘We talk Rail’

Within our team, there exists a profound understanding: We talk rail! But what exactly does this signify? Quite straightforwardly: We are fluent in our customers’ language and grasp their requirements with meticulous attention to detail. Whether as product managers, project leaders, software developers, or any other team member – we are all adept at discerning our customers’ needs and transforming them into software solutions tailored to the market and customer.

However, our commitment goes beyond mere implementation. We also see ourselves as consultants who aim to simplify and streamline our customers’ processes. With our induystry expertise and experience, we are always available to help them find solutions that not only work but also drive their business forward. In short: When it comes to understanding our customers’ needs and translating them into successful software solutions, we not only speak the same language – we are also the right partners to help them achieve their goals.


State-of-the-Art Technology

While others are still in their early stages or provide outdated solutions, the Boom Rail Solutions undergo continuous development to consistently deliver cutting-edge technology that excites users with premium features while maintaining user-friendliness. These web and cloud-based solutions are also responsive, enabling their utilization across diverse environments and applications. As one of the most powerful and flexible solutions on the market, Boom Rail Solutions are continuously evolving to meet the constantly changing requirements.


Regular Servicing of our Solutions

What sets us apart from other railway-specific software solutions is our unwavering customer orientation. We often hear from prospects that their existing solutions are not adequately maintained or that maintenance is associated with unexpected and uncertain costs. With us, customers can have confidence that their software will consistently evolve – technically and thematically – all while adhering to transparent and predictable maintenance costs. Our goal is to not only offer our customers innovative solutions but also to provide a long-term partnership they can rely on.

Technical advancement of the system

Our research and development department works closely with our product management and industry experts to continuously improve our solutions, integrate new features, and keep them technologically up to date. As a result, our customers benefit from consistently “state-of-the-art technology” that adapts to their individual business requirements and grows with their future needs.

Thematically advancement of the system

When it comes to complying with railway-specific norms and standards, we go beyond just maintaining our knowledge – our software solutions also stay up to date. This is an integral part of our regular service, which ensures that our customers always have access to the latest systems and can work in a professional and norm-compliant manner.


Customer-oriented Pricing

Our pricing is characterized by fairness and transparency, always tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Thanks to the modularity of our solutions and our unique scalability, we offer maximum value for your budget.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers not only receive top-notch software solutions but also enjoy outstanding service that does not come with unexpected financial surprises. With us, you can rely on not only receiving high-quality software but also on transparent and fair pricing that provides you with planning security and allows you to optimize your budget.


Investment Security

Through our Pilot Workshop, we ensure maximum investment security for our customers. Collaborating with representatives from our clients’ departments, we define individual requirements and showcase the collective expertise of our team in software expertise and railway knowledge.

Following the workshop, clients receive a prototype of the solution for internal testing and evaluation beyond the workshop’s duration. Clients are under no obligation for subsequent development stages. This process enables clients to gain a clearer understanding of the value they will receive for their investment. Our objective with this workshop is to lay a solid groundwork for continued collaboration and ensure that our solution precisely aligns with our clients’ unique needs and specifications. We firmly believe that this approach not only results in successful implementation but also enhances the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

Why should you choose Boom’s software solutions?

Because we don’t just build products, we build partnerships. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and discover how we can help you achieve your goals!




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    Why do businesses opt more frequently for railway-specific software solutions for maintenance over ERP systems geared towards commercial purposes?
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