Cross-group maintenance solution

As an international rail technology company, Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group offers a wide range of services in the fields of rail construction, equipment and service. To ensure that the maintenance of the machines runs smoothly and on schedule, the company relies on Boom Rail Solutions, which can be used throughout the group. The first step, is the implementation at Bahnbau Wels, JumboTec and Sersa in Switzerland.

Centralized reporting at group level

The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group consists of a large number of companies around the globe. As a prerequisite for strategic decisions, more transparency is required within the group. This resulted in a key requirement for a future rail solution.

The specification of Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group was to implement decentralized solutions in each company of the group and to consolidate them in a higher-level management cockpit. However, the solutions were to be implemented step by step. Therefore, a software solution was sought that was easily scalable and could thus be extended across the group. With Boom Rail Solutions, the company found the desired solution.

Modular maintenance solution with high scalability factor

The Boom standard products Rail Asset and Rail Workshop have been introduced in the first step in three companies of the Group. The companies work with an independent system, but reporting flows together at group level in order to achieve the necessary transparency. The focus is on the efficient fulfillment of ECM 2, 3 and 4 requirements, the targeted optimization of planning reliability and ensuring the traceability of rail and special vehicles. Interfaces to existing ERP systems and to the internal HR tool complete the overall system. This gives the company a firm grip on maintenance costs, reduces follow-up investment costs and extends the service life of rolling stock.
Another topic that will be addressed in the future with Boom Software‘s solution is rail operations. Through the targeted provision of information and through the role-dependent integration of employees in the processes related to train operation, processes are improved.

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