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From us, you get maximum support in the operational handling of train operations.
Rail Operations offers process-controlled workflows and structured information.

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Optimal transport control

Improve your workflows by providing targeted information and by involving employees in the processes related to train operations on a role-dependent basis.

With master data management and customer orders in Rail Operations, you can easily define work processes and assign the required and available resources. The end-to-end mapping of the entire process gives you a comprehensive overview of your company’s operations. As part of this, all documentation is also collected in one system. This increases transparency and makes information available where it is needed. The process of train preparation can thus be accelerated by 10%.

At the same time, our customers benefit from a direct link to the Rail Asset and Rail Workshop modules, which allows the entire process to be controlled and monitored, from deployment planning and train preparation to maintenance.

Digital train preparation for you and your company

Speed up the train preparation process by 10% with Rail Operations.

Optimaler Fahrbetrieb

Key Benefits

Schadcodekatalog hinter jeder Komponente

Systematic acceptance of transport requests (what, where, when, where to)

Steuerung von Arbeitsvorgängen

Control of work processes with full involvement of the employees performing the work

Übersicht bei der Zugzusammenstellung

Clear illustration of the train composition

Visualisierung des Betriebsstatus

Optimization of the operating sequence through status-dependent process steps

Vorausschauende Instandhaltung

Preparation of transport documents (wagon list, brake list, consignment note)

Umfassendes Schadens- und Instandhaltungsmanagement

Easily created GCU damage logs

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Robert Zeller
Product Manager
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Rail Operations Webinar

Optimal transport control in rail freight traffic

During the webinar, our product manager Robert Zeller will demonstrate the software solution and show you, based on various use cases, how with the help of digitalization transport control can be made much easier for all employees involved in transport.

Date: February 14, 2023 | 10.00 – 10.45 a.m.

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Functions of the

operations solution

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Train preparation in the system

Process controlled train preparation

During train preparation, extensive information such as vehicle data, braking data, vehicle sequence and loading information is recorded, supplemented, checked, evaluated, stored and forwarded. The train preparation process is mapped in the Rail Operations module. This supports the train preparer in his work and thus ensures an efficient and safe workflow.

Wagon technical examination

Wagon technical examination

During the wagon technical inspection, the wagon master has the required data available in the system. He can also document damage and confirm the activities performed. Rail Operations also fulfills the purpose of traceability. Thus, it is possible to trace in the system who, when, where, what has been carried out and for which sections of the train these activities are valid.

Preparation of transport documents

Create transport documents

The transport documents to be created (consignment note, wagon list, etc.) are generated from the information stored in Rail Operations. In case of changes in the loading or the order of the rolling stock, the system supports the easy creation of the documents.

Integrated damage wagon management

Rail Operations users can perform damage wagon management in the system. Report damage or malfunctions on site, document them and define the follow-up measures in the system for the asset. By using Rail Asset and Rail Workshop, you also control and monitor the further follow-up processes within the scope of maintenance.

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Rail Operations in daily use

In today’s world, where demand for freight transport via rail is on the rise, companies are even more challenged to prove their efficiency. Rail Operations helps to tap potentials and thus to extend the competitive edge. Using Rail Operations, you can accelerate the process of train preparation by at least 10%. We achieve this through properly maintained master data, consistent process mapping, seamless documentation and the complete integration of employees into the process. The best way to demonstrate this is with a simple use case.

As a rail transport company, you receive a customer order for the transport of various goods, including hazardous goods in accordance with RID. The order with all relevant order data is created in the system by the dispatcher and the corresponding resources are assigned.



The stakeholders, such as the train preparer, wagon master or train driver, are assigned the work processes related to the order and receive the information they need for their work in a targeted manner. All parties involved in the order can follow the process status and know exactly when it is their move.

For example, the wagon master knows when he has to carry out the technical inspection of the rail vehicles and can use the mobile solution to complete the documentation on the vehicle. The seamless documentation throughout the entire process ensures traceability on the one hand, and on the other hand it facilitates the correct and complete creation of the transport documents. After which, the train is ready to depart.

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