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Let us transform your rail business together

Basically we distinguish between two types of workshops. Based on the degree of individuality of the development, the most suitable workshop type for you will result.

Specification Workshop

Do you have requirements that standard software cannot meet? No problem!
We ask the right questions to find the right solution for your requirements.

Goal of the workshop

Within the framework of a specification workshop, we analyse your individual needs together with you and draw up a specification sheet.

The development of your specific software solution takes place on the basis of these specifications.

We create solutions that move you forward.

Content of the workshop
  • Execution of a feasibility analysis
  • Analysis of the processes and identification of optimization potentials
  • Consideration of required system interfaces

Topics that are important for the customer are developed in the course of the workshop (e.g.: strategies, disposition, materials management, etc.).


The first workshop day is based on a standardized program. This consists of:

  • Mutual introduction round
  • Company tour by customer
  • Description of the initial situation and problem definition
  • Common definition of objectives
  • Coordinating a common agenda and setting the focus
  • Determination of the order and intensity for the processing of the defined topics

The following days build on the content of the first workshop day.


The duration of the workshop depends on the project scope. The average duration of a workshop is 5 days.


Our product portfolio forms the basis for the right solution for your requirements. We adapt our solutions individually to your needs.
Your advantages of this approach? There is no need to go through a specification phase, which saves your resources and shortens the overall process. The result is an unerring solution without misunderstandings.

Goal of the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to provide a functional prototype at the end of the workshop.

Content of the workshop
  • Detailed requirements analysis
  • Realistic effort planning
  • Presentation of the existing software solutions
  • Adapting the solutions to individual customer needs


The workshop is structured according to a proven procedure. This will be detailed at the beginning of the workshop.

Day 1:

  • Description of the initial situation and problem definition
  • Presentation of the possibilities of the software
  • Joint definition of objectives

On the following days you will work with the software and your specific requirements will be implemented. The result is a finished prototype.


The duration of the workshop depends on the project scope. On average a workshop lasts 5 days.

CFL reference story

From planning to operative execution and complete documentation, everything will be controlled in future by the BMM.

Bettina Lamprecht
Marketing Manager

"Boom Rail Solutions are designed to ensure compliance with international standards and norms in the rail system while adapting to the company's internal processes."

Roman Bobik
Head of R&D
Üstra Reference Story

Since 2017 the workshop planning for the light rail vehicles of ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG is done by BMM. This local transport company constantly optimizes maintenance and thus creates more efficiency in rail transport.

Tanja Gosch
Head of Marketing & Product Management
Focus on
Project Manager: Katharina Moitzi
Next level wheelset management (part 2)
Post from 14. September 2021

Live data from wheelset operation significantly helps in choosing the right maintenance strategy and in demand planning.

Significant relief in the area of ECM with Boom Rail Solutions
Post from 25. October 2021

Innofreight Solutions GmbH develops customized, innovative wagons, containers, and unloading systems for rail transport companies. Around 2,000 InnoWagons and more than 15,000 containers are in use throughout Europe. Some of these are sold to customers, others are leased. However, compliance with the ECM regulation must be guaranteed in both cases.

With BOOM Rail Solutions to seamless, ECM-compliant documentation
Post from 19. May 2022

The new, modern locomotive workshop LOCMASTA in Gramatneusiedl received the ECM certificate for the maintenance delivery function ECM 4 on April 8, 2022 and is now about to be officially commissioned. In the interview, they revealed what challenges a "newcomer" has to face in the ECM certification process and how they master them through digitalization.