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We strive for long-term partnerships that are based on mutual trust and bring lasting benefits to all parties involved.

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What types of partnerships do we aim for?

When looking for suitable partners, we do not limit ourselves to local proximity. We strive to enter into international partnerships and drive digital innovation even further with the right ecosystem.

Integration partner

As a partner, you ensure the smooth integration of our software solutions into customer environments. In doing so, the focus is on IT and process consulting.


Software partner

Our goal is to create an ecosystem that offers comprehensive solutions for the rail industry. This involves either linking existing solutions that already exist on the market and thus serve a use case, or jointly developing new solutions.


Sales partner

We are looking for partners whose main focus is the provision of services and the distribution of software. We provide the necessary knowledge and resources for our solutions.

Hardware company

Offering added value to customers is always the goal. Hardware companies are also challenged by this task. That is why we are looking for partners whose core competence lies in the development of hardware products and who want to complement these with digital solutions and offer them to their customers as a complete package.


Research institutes, universities

Innovation needs cooperation! For this reason, we work closely with research institutes and universities to develop innovative concepts and create new products. In the railroad context, research projects on which we work together with various institutions are also of interest to us.

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    Focus on
    Commercial ERP systems vs. railway-specific ERP systems
    Post from 13. March 2023

    Putting one's eye toward rail-specific processes, the controversial question is often which system should be used by transport companies to digitalize these processes.

    Head of Product Management
    Railway-specific norms and standards: Simplification through digitalization
    Post from 17. January 2023

    In rail transport, the topic of safety is extremely wide-ranging and complex - this is primarily because the protection of life and limb, of passengers, residents and people involved in rail operations, as well as of resources such as vehicles and infrastructures, is paramount.

    Post from 13. July 2022

    The shortage of skilled workers has been a serious challenge for rail vehicle workshops for years. Workshops have the ambition to achieve the highest possible utilisation of capacity and at the same time ensure the highest possible level of quality in the work carried out on the rail vehicle. However, the lack of well-trained skilled workers makes it difficult to implement the ECM2 process specifications.