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Reduce lead times
Use resources efficiently

The comprehensive software solution Boom Bus & Rail Solutions enables efficient handling of limited and costly resources such as vehicles, workshop capacity or stabling areas.

Get control over your processes

For public transport operators it is important to be able to react quickly to spontaneous changes in the operational process (staff absences, breakdowns, etc.). Boom's complete solution allows you to intervene in the operational process and workshop operations with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive biography of the asset
Solid data basis

A valid database is created through the documentation and ongoing reporting of the systems. This forms a basis for modern management and operational decisions.

Optimal deployment planning

A high level of interoperability is ensured between the individual modules and also with external interfaces. Thus, a complete solution for the overall operation is created, which can also continuously provide information to external parties. Furthermore, all legal interoperability requirements for modern public transport are supported.

Conformity with Entity in Charge of Maintenance
ECM conformity

The consistent and directive-compliant documentation enables ECM conformity. Thus, the operator is actively supported in complying with the ECM regulation.

Increase customer satisfaction
Passenger satisfaction

With the help of predictive maintenance and connected operational planning, reliability and punctuality are increased, thus strengthening the passenger's trust in the mobility provider.

Boom Bus & Rail Solutions

Increase competitiveness with just a few clicks

For public transport operators, punctuality, reliability and customer satisfaction are the highest priorities. However, as a transport operator, you are also subject to high cost pressure and this demands a balancing act between economic efficiency and maximizing customer benefit.

Boom Software AG has been a competence provider for software solutions in the public transport sector for decades and serves public transport in numerous major cities in Europe. Hence, Boom offers Europe-wide proven software products for the different areas in the operational process. These are configured in each case based on the size of the operation and the operation-specific requirements.

For a transport operator it is important to be able to control and analyze the operation holistically. Boom is one of the few suppliers that can provide a complete package: Vehicle management, workshop management, depot management as well as infrastructure management for bus and rail from a single source – in short Boom Bus & Rail Solutions. In this way, economic goals can be achieved and operational requirements efficiently managed.

Provide the best possible public transportation service with the fewest possible personnel and vehicles.
We make it possible!

Solution for smooth local transport
Tram maintenance

Digital workshop, infrastructure, depot and vehicle management

In public transportation, which is readily accepted and motivates people to switch to public transportation, the most important thing is the service: accessibility, frequency, and networking between lines and means of transportation. However, the timetable on paper is only half the story. It is important that people can also rely on it. Punctuality and reliability are just as important for the use of public transportation. Interchanges, hubs and a timetable only work if the vehicles are in the right place at the right time and the operation is as trouble-free as possible. To achieve this, it is important that resources are used efficiently.
This is optimally ensured by digital workshop, infrastructure, depot and vehicle management. At the same time, decision-makers have a valid data basis for entrepreneurial and planning measures (e.g., investments). In this context, predictive vehicle maintenance is an essential component. Whether planned maintenance intervals or spontaneous breakdowns.

Use Case

The public transport system is the backbone of mobility in a city or region. This makes the need for stable and reliable operation even more important. A change in demand represents a particularly great challenge in public transport. This is influenced in different ways, for example, by mass events, the weather or even public holidays.
Regardless of whether it is a spontaneous or predictable change in demand, it is necessary to take comprehensive steps to ensure smooth operations. With Boom Bus & Rail Solutions, this can be done quickly and easily.

For example, if there is an increase in demand, it is necessary to provide more capacity. More personnel are needed, vehicles have to leave the depot – not to forget in the right order and according to priority – and the workshop also has to follow these priorities. The unit responsible for vehicle maintenance must also be informed of the change at an early stage and on an ongoing basis. In this way, urgent work on vehicles coming into service is brought forward.



In addition, the fleet is prepared for times of high demand by means of predictive maintenance. This is the only way to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible.
The high level of interoperability in the complete solution provided by Boom enables smooth alignment and coordination of all areas, from the workshop to vehicle and personnel management.
At the same time, when demand decreases or operations are discontinued, the top priority is to make the most efficient use of the often severely limited space available in the depot or remise. Boom’s integrated depot management facilitates organization in the depot and space is optimally utilized. The vehicles are also organized correctly from the beginning, so that when demand increases or when operations start, the vehicles are correctly positioned for the departure.
In this way, the capacity of depots or remises can be utilized to the maximum before even having to think about investing in new depots.

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Head of R&D
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