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Our software solutions are designed to comply with Entity in Charge of Maintenance standards, short ECM, as well as other applied international standards of the rail business. Mastering international standards easily with Rail Solutions.

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Rail Software

Rail Solutions offer a standard product portfolio that ensures a seamless multidimensional consistency across all modules. Interfaces between fleet management, asset management and workshop management provide an iterative coordination between all parties throughout the whole rail vehicle management.
The results are more transparency and control for you and your team. Make planning more efficient throughout the entire organization and beyond by means of Rail Solutions.

365d / 360°
view on your assets

Receive a comprehensive view on your assets and components anytime and anywhere in order to achieve full transparency and make sustainable optimizations possible.
How? Our solutions are the key.

By linking data sources directly to the related component entity and assigning them to the vehicle, a 360° view over 365 days a year is facilitated. Gain a complete view on your technical, logistical and commercial parameters of your assets.

The seamless consistency of all our modules allow the creation of a Digital Twin of your asset.

Are you interested in the digital twin of an asset and what advantages it brings you? Then read more here.

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No other company combines industry know-how and software know-how in the same way.

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Product Portfolio Rail Standard

Rail Workshop

Make your core business more productive by using RAIL Workshop. This software solution optimizes your workshop process while providing full transparency, control and manageability to you and your team.

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Rail Asset

Increase the availability of your asset by reducing downtimes. Benefit from a complete life cycle file, which goes far beyond maintenance history, for each asset in your railway company.
Asset biographies make it possible.

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Wheelset Management

The software for professional monitoring of the rail vehicle's wheel sets, as well as for management and documentation of the maintenance of these wheel sets throughout their product life cycle.

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Rail Fleet

Optimize the capacity utilization of your fleet by perfect deployment planning of your vehicles in consideration of planning, master and real operating data, as well as ideal train composition.

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Out of the Box Rail Software

Boom Rail Solutions are based on railway-specific standard functionalities and interfaces and comply with applied norms and standards of the international railroad industry. The focus of the software solution is on simplification, standardization and scalability. Our customers only purchase the modules they need for their business and only for those vehicles that are managed with Boom Rail Solutions.

Do you have special requirements that standard software cannot meet? We are happy to help you. Our experts will be glad to advise you and find the right solution together with you.

You can find more information on our Rail Custom page.

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"Boom Rail Solutions are designed to ensure compliance with international standards and norms in the rail system while adapting to the company's internal processes."

Roman Bobik
Head of R&D

From planning to operative execution and complete documentation, everything will be controlled in future by the BMM.

Bettina Lamprecht
Marketing Manager

Since 2017 the workshop planning for the light rail vehicles of ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG is done by BMM. This local transport company constantly optimizes maintenance and thus creates more efficiency in rail transport.

Tanja Gosch
Head of Marketing & Product Management
Focus on
"Digitaler Mauerfall" as the railway challenge 2021: The fusion of ECM2 & ECM3
Post from 14. January 2021

2021 stands under the theme "Making efficiency of rolling stock programmable".

Railway undertakings on the road to success: leading the way with Lean Smart Maintenance
Post from 28. January 2021

Lean Smart Maintenance not only increases the efficiency, reliability and availability of vehicles and workshops. It also clearly represents a business and strategic advantage for RUs!

Smart data and railroad: Railway undertakings have a duty to act
Post from 10. February 2021

Sensors enable the collection of a wide range of data to provide real-time information on the condition of rail vehicles.