RailVoice Webinar Wheelset management

This time RailVoice focused on the wheelset of a rail vehicle

With its in-house webinar series “RailVoice”, the provider of software solutions for the rail industry, Boom Software AG, addresses various target groups in the rail environment and promotes the exchange between international companies in the industry. During the webinars, experts from different fields deal with current and future-oriented topics related to rail transport and provide the participants with valuable input.

After a successful execution of the first RailVoice session in April, the second event focusing on the wheelset of a rail vehicle took place on September 16, 2021.

“RailVoice addresses relevant areas of the rail industry and provides an opportunity for experts to exchange knowledge and experience. With the experience we have gained about the industry over the past 25 years, we also want to create a competence center in the field of digitalization. Because digitalization affects us all.” – Andreas Schaller, CEO Boom Software

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Wheelsets are among the safety-critical components of a rail vehicle and are also the most cost-intensive maintenance component of the rolling stock. For these reasons, it is essential to plan requirements precisely and to extend the service life as far as possible without compromising on safety and availability.

In the expert panel, experts from Bonatrans Group, BLG RailTec, GHH-Radsatz, Nextsense and Boom Software took a closer look at the various aspects of modern wheelset management – from demand planning to development and maintenance. Almost 70 participants from 8 countries followed the expert panel and took the opportunity to ask the experts their specific questions.

Wheelset: Innovations to decrease LCC

Marcel Ujfaluši, Head of Business Development & Marketing of the long-established wheelset manufacturer with global experience Bonatrans Group, opened the webinar with his keynote speech explaining innovative ways to reduce the life cycle costs (LCC) of a wheelset. He also highlighted the different requirements for different rail vehicles and how to meet them.

„The prolongation of the lifecycle of wheelsets (and bogies) offers huge potential for savings in maintenance. It is rather complex, requiring innovation in design and materials used, and joint effort of manufacturers and operators.“ – Marcel Ujfaluši, BONATRANS GROUP

Next level wheelset management – driven by data, powered by software

The second keynote by Peter Lehofer, Head of Product Management at NEXTSENSE GmbH, and Katharina Moitzi, Product Manager at Boom Software AG, focused on the process from wheelset measurement to wheelset demand planning.

“Reliable wheel profile measurement data are the key to predictive maintenance.” – Peter Lehofer, NEXTSENSE GmbH

The area-wide collection and skillful processing of the operating and wear data of a wheelset enables the adjustment of the maintenance plan to the actual operating conditions, which in the end also allows the wheelset to be kept in operation longer. In this way, operators can also create their own model, which helps to predict and plan the wheelset requirements in the company.

Inspiring panel discussion of international experts in their field.

At the final RoundTable, Marcel Ujfaluši and Dr. Sven Jenne, two representatives of the premium manufacturer of wheelsets (and parts thereof) GHH-Bonatrans, were part of the panel. Vojtěch Zedník from BLG RailTec, an experienced fleet manager, was also on the panel. Peter Lehofer from NEXTSENSE and Katharina Moitzi from Boom Software rounded off the panel discussion with their expertise on wheelset measurement, wheelset maintenance and digitalization.

„The mileage that can be achieved by wheelsets depends on many factors. By optimising the steel grade, the wheel profile and the maintenance measures, the LCC can be significantly influenced.“ – Dr. Sven Jenne, R&D, Engineering Director, Gutehoffnungshütte Radsatz GmbH

The experts looked at wheelset management from different angles and also talked about developments over the next 10 years. Participants of the webinar had the unique opportunity to ask the international experts questions from their desk chair.

„Preventive wheelset measurement is the best support for predictive maintenance.“ – Vojtěch Zedník, Fleetmanager, BLG RailTec GmbH

Expert panel RailVoice

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