47. “Modern Rolling stock” conference

“Modern Rolling Stock” conference in Graz 2022

The “Modern Rolling Stock” conference in Graz is organized every one and a half years by the Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy at the Graz University of Technology under the scientific direction of Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Peter Veit.

After the event had to be cancelled last year due to COVID-19, the 47th conference could take place again live this year from April 3 – 5, 2022. What was new was that the event was held bilingually in German and English for the first time.

The opening evening of the “European meeting place of railroad vehicle producers and operators” traditionally took place on Sunday, April 3, at Schlossberg Graz. On the following two days, the representatives of the railroad industry met at the Messe Graz.

Around 600 participants followed the scientific lectures, during which the railroad experts discussed the latest developments and designs of rail vehicles for passenger transport, local passenger transport, freight transport as well as streetcars, regional trains and subway trains.

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition, which usefully rounded off the lectures with product presentations. 13 well-known exhibitors presented their solutions to the audience in this context – among them also BOOM Software AG.


Predictive wheelset management: from measurement to demand planning

Boom Software AG, together with NEXTSENSE GmbH, also provided technical support for this year’s modern rail vehicle conference. Robin Kühnast-Benedikt (Head of Product Management, BOOM Software) and Peter Lehofer (Head of Product Management, NEXTSENSE) spoke in their joint presentation about predictive wheelset management as a key innovation in the railroad industry.

They presented to the audience a process methodology for optimized demand planning of wheelsets. The basis for this is a process that with the support of hardware and software, records all relevant data fields and brings them into the maintenance software.

Schienenfahrzeugtagung Graz 2022

“The ‘Modern Rolling Stock’ conference in Graz, which brings together representatives of the entire rail industry in the DACH region and beyond, shows the importance that Austria has in the international rail market. It was an impressive event, whose technical presentations provided a good mix of the most current topics in the railway industry and which offered a unique opportunity for personal exchange”, Robin Kühnast-Benedikt, Head of Product Management at Boom Software.


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