25 years of Boom

25 years ago it BOOMED

We celebrate 25 years of success.
25 years that have taken our industry know-how and software expertise to the next level.

The software company in Leibnitz

1995 was a busy year: But only one event from back then gives us as a company a reason to be proud. No, we are not talking about the invention of the DVD, the product launch of the Playstation in Europe, the release of Internet Explorer or the full operational readiness of the GPS satellite system.
Some of these events were door openers for many other inventions that are now indispensable. Other events, on the other hand, have had a personal impact on us humans. It is important that there are always people with pioneering spirit and visions who want to create something new and revolutionary.
This was and still is the idea of BOOM Software AG. This also brings us to the actual event, which fills us with pride. On Saturday, exactly 25 years ago, on April 18th 1995, BOOM Software AG was founded by Joachim Schnedlitz. At that time, still in the old building in the Bahnhofstraße 13, in Leibnitz with initially 3 employees, the first customer projects were realized.


First customer project

BOOM Software AG received the first project order from Easyleasing GmbH – at that time still called P.S.K. Leasing. BOOM Software AG had received the order to further develop the already implemented program “Partner Angebots Kalkulation”, short “P.A.K.”, which was used for the processing of leasing applications for car dealers, based on the customer requirements.

A few programming languages and operating systems later, Easyleasing GmbH is still all about leasing contracts. Between the two companies a business relationship developed over many years, which is still maintained. The BOOM Software AG is still responsible for the further development of the software and guarantees a smooth handling of leasing contracts. Today the software is known under the name “alease”.

BOOM Software AG cares for the relations to its stakeholders. It is worth mentioning that Gernot Krautberger, one of the first employees at the time of the foundation of BOOM, is still working for the company.

Keeping the employees in the company is as important as building long term customer relationships, and this can be clearly seen in the example of Easyleasing GmbH. The cultivation of long-term customer relationships is deeply anchored in the company’s philosophy. Mutual trust and the desire to grow together strengthens this approach in all areas of the company and is decisive for economic success.

Story up to today

In 1999 another important milestone for BOOM Software AG occurred. On 18.01.1999 the company moved into the present company building in Hasendorfer Straße 96, which is called “Landmark”. It is a futuristic looking building, which is surrounded by a glass shell.

In the following years, further business relations were established, which were essential for the success of BOOM Software AG and still are today. Among them are ÖBB, Deutsche Bahn, SML, Siemens AG and Primetals Technologies.


Today, with around 65 employees and a subsidiary in Oldenburg, Germany, BOOM Software AG can not only look back on 25 successful years, but there is also the basis for a promising future.

All over the world, a wide variety of companies rely on the software solutions and expertise of BOOM Software AG, which has already installed 35,000 clients in 40 different countries. The generated turnover amounts to 7 million Euro annually. The 30% quota of women in the company is particularly noteworthy. This high percentage of female employees is remarkable for a company in the software industry. The first apprentice who was taken on in the company was female. Today she is the project manager responsible for all ÖBB TS projects at BOOM Software AG. In total, the company builds on approximately 450 years of boom experience, which results from the seniority of all current employees.

 “The customer is clearly the focus of our attention, and we show this every day. Because in all the decisions we make – whether together with the customer or alone – the satisfaction of our business partners is always our focus. The long-standing business relationships with our customers are the confirmation and this is exactly what we strive for.

As a professional partner in the software industry we see it as our responsibility to always offer our customers the “Best Package”. With our products and solutions we pursue the goal of making our customers even better – in the sense of more cost-efficient, more flexible, but also more innovative – by supporting and optimizing their processes. The continuous expansion of our customer and industry know-how is what sets us apart. This expertise not only allows us to communicate more efficiently with customers in all areas and thus successfully implement projects, but also enables us to develop standard products. We are increasingly using our resources for product development and will continue to invest even more in this direction in the future. In addition, we will intensify our international activities”, says Andreas Schaller, CEO of BOOM Software AG.

CEO Andreas Schaller
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