7th Railway Forum

The 7th Railway Forum will be held in Berlin under the motto: “Moving into a new age of mobility”. The forum addresses decision makers and experts of the European railway industry. The aim is to foster the exchange among each other and to provide a platform to discuss future developments and challenges. The group of participants consists of rail operators, manufacturers, suppliers, policy makers & thought leaders.

The event will be realized as a hybrid event. In other words, physical participation will be linked with virtual tickets.
We will keep you updated on news about the event on our blog and via our newsletter. Details about the program can be found on the event page:

Railway Forum Berlin

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"Digitaler Mauerfall" as the railway challenge 2021: The fusion of ECM2 & ECM3
Post from 14. January 2021

2021 stands under the theme "Making efficiency of rolling stock programmable".

Railway undertakings on the road to success: leading the way with Lean Smart Maintenance
Post from 28. January 2021

Lean Smart Maintenance not only increases the efficiency, reliability and availability of vehicles and workshops. It also clearly represents a business and strategic advantage for RUs!

Smart data and railroad: Railway undertakings have a duty to act
Post from 10. February 2021

Sensors enable the collection of a wide range of data to provide real-time information on the condition of rail vehicles.