Data integrity as a driver of digitalization

Innofreight‘s core business is the in-house development of innovative and modular wagons, containers and unloading systems. For the optimal management of their assets,
the asset management of Boom Rail Solutions is in use. All recorded master and movement data is stored and managed centrally in the software solution, ensuring the quality and completeness of the data.

Optimizing data consistency and data quality

Innofreight Solutions GmbH provides services to various industries through the development, leasing, and operation of customized, modular logistics solutions. Around 15,000 containers
and 2,000 InnoWagons of the company are used in 17 European countries. The complexity of the business model poses a significant challenge for data management.

Given the continuous growth and the increasing amount of sensitive and security-relevant data, the need for professional, software-supported data management has become obvious. The need for end-to-end data management is confirmed by the obligations of ECM-compliant business.

A strong partner in immediate vicinity

A growing number of wagons are being added to the ECM management of Innofreight Solutions GmbH. In combination with the increasing number of customer-specific logistics solutions, this leads to more complexity in the entire process. The use of a software solution that minimizes this complixity and supports ECM compliance with its functions is therefore essential. When selecting suppliers, the organization uses a catalog of criteria as a guide. In addition to the performance/price ratio and the actual benefits of the solution, another decisive criterion is the supplier‘s geographic vicinity. „Having the expertise of a strong partner right on our doorstep is an extreme advantage, especially when it comes to implementing customerspecific requirements,“ explains Florian Pöllabauer, Head of Digitalization and Controlling.

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