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Head of R&D: Roman Bobik
Roman Bobik

Clear the way for Rail Workshop

Post from 3. September 2020

The standardized software for efficient and digital workshop management

Rail Workshop enhances the efficiency within your workshop halls and simultaneously increases the satisfaction of your customers. How?

Imagine the speed at which incoming rail vehicles are repaired is significantly accelerated. As a result, your customers will get their vehicles back sooner while your capacities are sufficient to accept new customer orders. All this can be achieved by using one single software.

We have summarized the most important information about our standard software Rail Workshop.

Digital Workshop Management

Your entire workshop management is mapped in Rail Workshop. This gives you the opportunity to streamline your workshop processes and automate individual workflows. By doing so, every team member in your company can focus on its core task.

Evaluations and statistics provide you with the information you need to continuously optimize your workshop processes. By bundling all processes and information centrally in one software package, end-to-end transparency is created.

User-friendly interface

Rail Workshop is a module of the standard solutions of Boom Rail Solutions. The end-users were put in the center of the development process during the development of the modules, so that a user-oriented design resulted from the software. For the people who actually work with the software on a regular basis, the use of the software represents a great advantage. What this means for Rail Workshop is that the software supports the entire workshop process – from order planning to invoicing.

Workshop planning

We offer you the possibility to integrate bidirectional customer interfaces in our digital workshop solution. Coordination and communication between you and your customers are not only considerably simplified, but also significantly accelerated. The coordination of maintenance intervals can also be handled via this interface. By giving you a comprehensive overview of your stock of spare parts and resources, Rail Workshop enables you to plan your workshop in the best possible way.

Order preparation

Optimal workshop planning results from timely advance planning, which is made possible by Rail Workshop. Rail Workshop can provide not only interfaces to ECM 3 but also to EMC 2. As a result, workshop managers literally have the maintenance specifications according to ECM 2 on their screens and can allocate the required resources to the orders based on these specifications. With Rail Workshop you get an optimal view of your workshop’s performance.

Order execution

The fact that the software solution can be used on the move means that workshop employees can work more efficiently. Your staff receives all the information they need concerning the work orders on their mobile devices. In addition, not only the workshop managers but also the technicians have access to the maintenance specifications according to ECM 2. An intuitive workshop monitor displays the status of individual orders and shows the real-time utilization of your workshop.

Interfaces between Rail Workshop and measuring devices are also possible. As a result, measured values taken are transferred directly to Rail Workshop, simplifying the prescribed documentation. All these functions reduce overall travel times by eliminating unnecessary walking distances.



One of the most important tasks that workshops have is to provide clean and complete documentation in accordance with the ECM regulation. Mobile checklists which are processed by the workshop employees facilitate this task. Rail Workshop allows photo documentation and comments on each defined work step. This leads to an even more comprehensible and traceable documentation.

Order completion

Since each employee which is working on the rail vehicle has to check in and out via the software on the vehicle, the working time is recorded automatically. In addition, the software logs the executed work processes, including the materials used and spare parts installed. Consequently, the software contains all relevant items for further charging to the customer, which can be called up at the push of a button.

Maintain workshop equipment

A workshop is more than just the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles. In addition to vehicles and components, the workshop equipment has to be maintained as well in order to provide the best possible service. We bring the necessary know-how from our years of experience in the industry. We offer software solutions for the maintenance of your operating equipment.

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