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Rail Asset- The software that focuses on your rail vehicle

Post from 6. August 2020

In 2019, around nine trillion tonne-kilometres of goods were transported by rail worldwide, with around 3.1 trillion tonne-kilometres of freight being attributable to European freight traffic. If we look at the annual passenger-kilometres travelled worldwide, this amounts to around 3 trillion (cf. statista). These amounts require careful and professional planning to guarantee smooth rail transport.

Asset managers in railway undertaking companies are responsible to ensure that the required rail vehicles are ready for operation while at the same time rail safety is guaranteed.

With Rail Asset, this responsibility is no longer solely in the hands of asset managers. Rail Asset not only supports maintenance planning or the proper compliance with documentation obligations according to ECM, but also shows asset managers the real-time condition of individual vehicles and components. Rail Asset is the software that helps you to understand your vehicles, to plan better and more foresightedly, and to react at the right time.

What makes Rail Asset stand out?

Rail Asset is a module of Boom Rail Solutions and is one of the standard software products and goes beyond a conventional asset management system. The entire Boom Rail Solutions portfolio has been developed specially for the international railway industry. It is based on applied processes of the rail industry and aligns to international norms and standards.

The special characteristic of Boom Rail Solutions is the multidimensional consistency across the individual modules. This makes it possible to link Rail Asset, Rail Workshop and Rail Fleet with each other to improve the exchange of information and data. This creates a holistic overview of all phases of the life cycle of the rail vehicle and provides more transparency. However, not only technical details of the life cycle file are mapped, in combination with other systems, route covered, commercial information and other data are recorded. This data is the fundament for predictive maintenance strategies and for the efficiency-optimized deployment of the entire fleet.

Conformity with ECM

The ECM regulation EU 2019/779 „Entity in Charge for Maintenance“ is relevant for the European rail industry. This standard primarily ensures that railway safety is guaranteed and that the responsibilities between maintenance function (ECM4), fleet management (ECM3) and maintenance development (ECM2) are clearly separated.

Rail asset is designed in such a way that it fulfills the documentation requirements according to ECM 3. Furthermore, Rail Asset offers interfaces to the other modules that support compliance with ECM 4 and ECM 2. Rail Asset ensures full documentation and thus facilitates compliance with the prescribed documentation obligations.

Asset biography at the touch of a button

The term “asset biography” is equated with the term “life cycle file+” of a vehicle. Unlike software solutions from other companies, this feature in Rail Asset provides much more than the maintenance history of the vehicle. At the push of a button, you receive information about the vehicle – or, if desired, about an individual component – that has been recorded in the system throughout the asset’s life cycle, including technical, logistical and commercial parameters of your vehicles.

360/365 – An all-round view every day of the year

By using Rail Asset you know more about your vehicles. You know the current condition of the vehicle, where and for what it is being used, how it is loaded and which components are installed in the vehicle. How does this work? The direct linking of data with the corresponding component unit and its assignment to the vehicle makes it possible. This comprehensive overview of the vehicle or a component is available to you 365 days a year. When we speak about comprehensive, this means that a 360° view of the asset is given. This provides you with all relevant information you need to make decisions on long-term optimization. Appropriate sensor technology and telematics ensure automatic machine data acquisition and import the real-time data directly into Rail Asset so that you always have the condition of your vehicles under control.

Planning of workshop orders

Workshop orders are created via the software. The ordering process is comparable to an online shop. All orders are placed in the shopping cart and sent collectively. Several vehicles can be assigned to one stabling, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance notifications can be combined. Via the software you can see which workshops have the appropriate certification to carry out the maintenance activities.

If you work together with external workshops, you have the possibility to integrate a workshop portal for third parties. This makes it easier and faster to exchange information and documents between asset managers and workshops, and makes maintenance activities more transparent.

Wheelset Management

An extension module to Rail Asset is the wheelset management. With this module we have dedicated ourselves to the special mapping of safety critical components. The wheelset management, based on the standard DIN EN 15313:2016, ensures compliance with the standard specifications. Together with NextSense we enable the direct data acquisition from the Calipri measuring device, which is in the hand of the workshop employee, into Rail Asset. Simple plug&play functionalities are the success factor for the continuous data exchange. This enables predictive maintenance and ensures optimized wheelset management. The measurement data collected at the wheelset is automatically imported to Rail Asset, which enables predictions to be made about the lifetime of the individual wheelsets. This ensures a high level of railway safety and minimizes the operational risk. This function also facilitates wheelset demand planning for the entire fleet.

Are you interested in our wheelset management software and would like to know more? We have made additional information available for you on our wheelset management page.

Are you looking for more than a standard solution? Do you need additional functions or interfaces to other systems? We have the answer: Rail Custom.

We adapt our software according to your needs. You can find more information on our Custom Solutions page.


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