MA2 Maintenance Austria Award 2019
CEO: Bora Man
Bora Man

MA²: Predictive maintenance for ÖBB Technical Services awarded

Post from 30. June 2020

More than “on track”: Together with ÖBB-Technische Services BOOM Software wins second place at the Maintenance Award Austria (MA²) with a predictive maintenance concept.

Intelligent maintenance, modern techniques such as the use of a PDA system and a complete documentation through digital maintenance: With the forward-thinking maintenance concept – significantly co-designed by BOOM Software – ÖBB-Technische Services (TS) GmbH in St. Pölten, one of 22 locations, was awarded second place in the MA². “This is more than just an award. The MA² is the benchmark when it comes to efficient maintenance in Austria. The new focus on digitization also demonstrates the degree of innovation and progressiveness of Austria’s maintenance departments,” says Bernhard Labenbacher, Senior IT Project Manager of ÖBB-TS.


Standard software for the maintenance of rail vehicles

With the BOOM Maintenance Manager (BMM), the Leibnitz standard software for the maintenance of rail vehicles is used in the maintenance of the ÖBB-TS: “We are pleased with the Technical Services (TS) of ÖBB about the award and that we can contribute an important component with our innovative software solution”, emphasize the BOOM board members Andreas Schaller and Bora Man in unison.


Multiple award

The awarding of the prize to the entire ÖBB Technische Services-GmbH maintenance department at the ÖVIA Congress (130 participants from more than 70 companies) is not the first award in the current year: The “eAward” was won, and at the Styrian “Fast Forward Award” the project was among the final nominees.

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CEO: Bora Man
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