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Eisenbahn.Blog interview with Robert Zeller

Post from 20. December 2023

As a product manager and expert in rail operations, Robert Zeller recently engaged in an interview with Niki Schmölz, the Co-Founder & Partner of tetraversity media GmbH and Chief Editor of Eisenbahn.Blog. The conversation centered around our two latest standard products: the Rail Messaging Hub and the Fault Indication App.

Efficient transmission of reports in railway operations is crucial to minimize downtime and promptly respond to unforeseen circumstances. Conventional approaches frequently hinder this objective. Embracing digitalization creates opportunities to automate processes and support reporters in creating reports. Our Fault Indication App facilitates this by offering templates for smooth and effective reporting. Meanwhile, the Rail Messaging Hub guarantees accurate report routing and maintains transparency.

For further insights, refer to our interview. Additionally, Robert Zeller is available for personal discussions to analyze the application of our products in your company.

Feel free to contact him via email at railexperts@boomsoftware.com .

What are the primary challenges faced by railway operators in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of their vehicles?

The broad objectives of expanding railway transport, operating efficiently, and providing cost-effective solutions necessitate railway operators (EVUs) to enhance their capacities and availabilities. Yet, their actions must not solely revolve around cost-effectiveness; they also need to ensure compliance with safety regulations applicable to them, such as the Entity in Charge of Maintenance. Our software solutions aid railway companies in addressing both aspects, fostering heightened productivity while ensuring adherence to legal standards. This is achieved by integrating not only software expertise but also years of experience in the railway industry into our software products. A notable illustration of how recent digital advancements can support railway companies is through our newly introduced solutions, the Rail Messaging Hub and “Fault Indication App”. These tools empower operational teams to easily handle vehicle-related fault reports and other operationally significant notifications, streamlining communication with the asset manager.

You’ve just brought up the Rail Messaging Hub regarding the handling of operationally relevant notifications. Can you expand on that?

To provide a concise explanation, I’ll illustrate the Rail Messaging Hub’s role using an example, particularly in connection with the Fault Indication App. Imagine a scenario where a train driver identifies damage—this could vary from a mere visual imperfection like a damaged seat to a genuinely critical operational issue. Using a preset notification template within the Fault Indication App, the train driver can efficiently report the vehicle-related problem along with accompanying photos. This report then reaches the Rail Messaging Hub manager and subsequently the Asset Manager, who categorizes it as corrective maintenance. The Asset Manager can then schedule workshop maintenance. Notably, all involved team members can monitor the ongoing status of the reported issue throughout the entire process. Upon resolution of the fault, feedback is provided to the reporting individual. Additionally, by linking the issue to the specific vehicle, subsequent colleagues can access information regarding reported faults pertaining to that particular rail vehicle.

What are the primary advantages for a railway company utilizing the Rail Messaging Hub?

The Rail Messaging Hub significantly improves communication across various departments, linking operational staff, control center personnel, and maintenance teams. It’s crutial in capturing messages efficiently and consolidating them in a unified location, preventing any loss and facilitating organized and transparent management. Our design focus was on ensuring the system and incoming messages maintain clarity and accessibility for users.

Beyond optimizing reporting and fault-resolution efficiency, the Rail Messaging Hub lays the groundwork for continuous improvement processes. Incoming messages form the basis for pinpointing weaknesses and conducting error analyses, fostering ongoing enhancements.

In maintenance, strict adherence to guidelines holds immense importance for companies. How does the software solution, Rail Messaging Hub contribute in this aspect?

The Rail Messaging Hub and the Fault Indication App establish a seamless process compliant with ECM guidelines (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) for reporting and resolving issues. During the reporting phase, the individual can directly assign a fault code related to a vehicle series or component. This generates a qualified fault report swiftly transmitted to the Asset Manager. These specifics streamline fault analysis, serving as the foundation for diverse maintenance management processes reliant on quantifiable metrics.

What are the prerequisites for my system setup, or do I require pre-existing software solutions from Boom to integrate the Rail Messaging Hub into my railway operations?

Primarily, the Rail Messaging Hubwas designed to facilitate report generation, even in the absence of an Asset Management System. Nevertheless, companies leveraging our Rail Asset solution enjoy the advantage of seamlessly integrating essential master data and automating the transmission of fault reports to the Asset Management System. To leverage the seamless processes, spanning from report initiation to fault resolution, our systems relay status updates back to the Rail Messaging Hub.

In scenarios where Rail Asset is not employed, relevant master data can still be integrated, potentially through customization using an interface.

More detailed information about the Rail Messaging Hub and the Fault Indication App can be requested via email at railexperts@boomsoftware.com.

Would you like to engage in a dialogue with Robert Zeller to explore the potentials of the Fault Indication App and Rail Messaging Hub and how they can optimize your operational processes and profitability?

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