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Project Manager: Katharina Moitzi
Katharina Moitzi

Rail Workshop: An efficient and digital workshop management!

Post from 8. July 2021

By our BOOM motto “Making efficiency programmable”, we mean optimizing the work behind the scenes of a well-functioning rail operation. Workshops for rail vehicle maintenance fulfill a very special mission here. No matter whether scheduled maintenance intervals or spontaneous technical emergencies – the workshop must be organized around the clock and always deliver high quality. With Rail Workshop, BOOM Software provides a complete solution for workshop operators: from process guidance and detailed vehicle information to external system interfaces. In addition, the front end offers a great user experience and can be easily used by all employees on the workshop floor via tablet.

High potential for optimization in workshops

Rail vehicles become increasingly digitalized and develop into state-of-the-art machines that detect wear, technical infirmities and problems themselves at an early stage, thus making railroads safer and more efficient. However, for workflows and organization in workshops, often well-rehearsed teams with years of experience, shadow IT (Excel lists) or even handwritten logbooks are still decisive.

Therefore, it is difficult for the employees on the shop floor, but also for the management, to gain an overview. Furthermore, optimization potentials often remain undetected.

As a workshop operator, you therefore depend highly on your customers to obtain data and information of adequate quality and within an acceptable time horizon. In addition, the operator is reliant on its own employees, who have a significant influence and control over the work process due to the lack of predefined processes and planning.

To round off the overall picture, the frequently inadequate management of measuring equipment is another aspect to be dealt with. Here, too, there is often untapped potential.


Rail Workshop offers everything from a single source!

With Rail Workshop, BOOM Software AG has developed a software solution that supports and optimizes workshops throughout the entire workshop process and thus also makes a significant contribution to ECM 4 compliance. This software solution covers a broad spectrum:

Organization and management:

First of all, Rail Workshop enables everything that is needed for an efficient organization in the workshop. Customer inquiries and orders for the maintenance of rail vehicles or their components are managed and planned with just a few clicks. The resources required for this (stabling sidings, workshop teams, etc.) are automatically derived from the order characteristics. This also enables resource planning in accordance with the maintenance requirements specified in the ECM 2 regulations.

The work process itself is simplified by digital work plans, checklists, spare parts and tool management.

Information and visualization:

The key to successful management is information. That is why Rail Workshop offers graphical representations of track occupancy, which makes it easier to plan vehicle stabling. But also workloads and work progresses are visualized and provide an overview of the ongoing operation in the workshop.

Operational releases of rail vehicles:

In addition to interfaces to measurement tools (such as Calipri), the formal technical operational release of vehicles and a transfer of the complete maintenance file is also possible. This means that with mobile order processing, all maintenance-relevant information is delivered to the maintenance technician efficiently and without delay.


Managing the order peak!

Workshops for the maintenance of rail vehicles are a key part of the rail infrastructure – but they are also a scarce resource. Workshops have a full schedule. The shortest possible downtimes for vehicles, spontaneous fault in operation, and appointments with customers: this is where structure is needed in order to be able to handle order peaks as quickly as possible.

Rail Workshop not only makes it possible to have a complete overview of the workshop team’s tasks. Process flows are optimized and shortened in time through predefined work processes, work plans and checklists. In addition, any bottlenecks or free capacities are indicated at an early stage. This means that your resources are optimally deployed and order peaks are handled as quickly as possible.


More efficiency and reduced costs

The holistic solution with uniform interfaces to external parties and the orchestration of all work processes in the workshop allows maximum capacity utilization to be achieved. In addition, workflows are streamlined and accelerated – which all saves money. This primarily benefits the workshop operator, but also the customer (vehicle owner). The competitiveness of the workshop can be increased and customer satisfaction enhanced.

“The workshop is the core of safe, reliable and efficient rail vehicle operation. That is why it is so important that nothing is left to chance here. Rail Workshop from BOOM Software covers all the requirements of modern workshop management: from organization and ease of use to digital checklists and operational releases. This means more efficiency and more competitiveness for the workshop operator.”  – Roman Bobik, Head of R&D.


Simple operability

Finally, it should be mentioned again that the skillfully visualized data on the front end provides an ideal overview – even for untrained eyes. Thanks to Rail Workshop’s simple and intuitive usability, the team on the shop floor can quickly familiarize with the software solution and retrieve – but also enter – relevant information in just a few clicks.

We are convinced that our solution will take your workshop to the next level. That’s why we invite you – in your capacity as a workshop operator – to participate in an initial evaluation by one of our experts. Send our experts ( an informal e-mail now and we will discuss your options in a first consultation.

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