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Post from 19. November 2020

If the standard software solutions offered on the market do not fit the business model or the business processes of the company, the use of an individual software solution is inevitable.

Through a workshop towards individual software solutions

A customized solution has the great advantage that it is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the customer. End user acceptance of the software solution is thus significantly increased, since the requirements and feedback are considered in the software development process. In addition, the use of individual software can also lead to competitive advantages by boosting the company’s strengths and reducing weaknesses at the same time.

Sufficient preparation time is needed to develop a customized solution. The effort invested in the planning phase is a decisive factor that determines success or failure. For this reason, a productive workshop at the beginning of the project is recommended.

Why is a workshop at the beginning of the project necessary?

  • Customer needs are recognized in time and are incorporated into the planning
  • Efforts and costs can be better estimated
  • Together a realistic schedule can be created

The aim of the workshop is to find the best solution for the customer.


Also at Boom Software every customer specific project starts with a workshop. Depending on the degree of individualization of the software we offer two types of workshops: specification workshop and pilot workshop. To find out which type of workshop is right for you, we ask the right questions.

At the beginning of the workshop we question the status quo and talk about the customer’s challenges before analyzing them. If the customer’s problem can be partially solved by existing software solutions, we apply the concept of the pilot workshop. During the workshop, the existing solutions are adapted to the individual needs of the customer, so that a prototype is available at the end of the 5-day workshop. The pilot workshop is the most efficient way to make your requirements tangible.

If the functions of the existing software solutions do not match the customer’s requirements, the specification workshop is conducted. The output of the specification workshop is a collaboratively developed requirements specification, which forms the basis for further software development.

Our professionals are your experts

The development of user-oriented software solutions for the railroad sector is our area of expertise. In order to be able to advise and support our customers in the best possible way, we keep ourselves up-to-date about our customers and the industry. This enables us to communicate more efficiently with our customers in all areas and projects are successfully implemented.


If you want to learn more about the possibility of individual software solutions from Boom Software, please visit our page Workshops.

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