Katharina Moitzi

Rail Asset: Compatible with Calipri measurement data

Post from 30. June 2020

Full interface flexibility: BOOM software provides this especially in the module Rail Asset. BOOM has implemented its own interface for the auto-import of data from the globally operating measurement technology company NEXTSENSE. This allows automated import of measurements from the Calipri measuring device into Rail Asset.

Rail Asset allows highest compatibility with different hardware suppliers. To expand this offer step by step, BOOM Software has implemented its own interface based on XML: With this interface, data from measuring devices of the worldwide operating company NEXTSENSE can now be imported automatically. The focus of the interface implementation is the contact-free NEXTSENSE profile measuring device “Calipri”, which is used in the wheel-rail-system in railway traffic engineering.


Smarter import

The auto-import of “Calipri” is simple: Via a service the files are regularly retrieved, checked for schema correctness and listed in the import tool. With “Start import” or alternatively automatically, an attempt is made to import the measured values of an existing component that is stored in the master data. Possible errors are also displayed in the import tool. The only requirement is an available network connection. The imported measurements are displayed in the measured value history of the component and can be compared and evaluated there. Wheel set profiles (if they have been transmitted) can also be retrieved and displayed.



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