Tanja Gosch

20 years of successful cooperation in figures: Boom and ÖBB Technical Services

Post from 30. June 2020

Since 1999 the BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER has been the solution in the order management of ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH. It was tailored to the needs of ÖBB and extended by important functions. Thus, BMM developed into the central tool for the ÖBB-TS team, which became a essential part. We have interviewed BOOM board member Bora MAN!

Bora Man, Who works at ÖBB Technische Services with the BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER?

“At 22 locations in Austria, about 3.200.000 workshop hours per year are scheduled with the BMM. This huge amount of work is done by 2,000 workshop employees, who also carry out their complete order time recording digitally”.

What does the BMM mean in technical terms?

“95% of all workshop processes are already software-supported. By means of 600 tablets and many stationary terminals, 160,000 maintenance orders have been digitized and so far about 40% paper has been saved.

What successes has the BMM already achieved?

“We can be proud of two awards. For example, the Austrian Association for Maintenance and Asset Management (ÖVIA) awarded second place in the maintenance austria award 2019 to ÖBB-Technische Services. The eAward from REPORT magazine also honored the excellent work made possible by the change from conservative working methods to the use of new media”.

How has it come to the laying of the cornerstone and continuous maturation of the BMM?

“When the first prototype was implemented 20 years ago, it was not yet foreseeable which innovative path ÖBB and BOOM would take together. Today, more than 70,000 development hours later, one thing is certain: ÖBB is one of the most innovative rail transport companies in Europe and no EU citizen travels more rail kilometres per year than an Austrian!

What does the future look like with the BMM?

“The joint path is not over, however – the project teams are already building further future-oriented projects that will further increase the availability of rail vehicles and thus their reliability. Only the latest technological systems are used in these projects.”

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